Cart Mode Required :: CF Pro Tools Add-On Features For ClickFunnels Pages

Description and Best Use Case For This Add-On:

You can use CART MODE REQUIRED in conjunction with CART MODE in order to FORCE the buyer to add a quantity to the core product drop-downs from CART MODE.

It does this when the customer attempts to purchase just a bump, but does not add any products to the drop down selectors.

It will throw a short javascript error message indicating that there are no products in the cart and they need to select products and the page will scroll to the top where they can then select a product.

So simple, yet, so powerful.  A must have for anyone using CART MODE.

OVERVIEW (For Advanced Users)

For those of you ready to jump in and are familiar with CFProTools, you can use this checklist:

  • Add Your Domain To CFProTools DOMAINS TAB

  • Create An Order Page

  • Insert ORDER SUMMARY ELEMENT (Or 2-Step Order Element)

  • Insert PRODUCT SELECTOR ELEMENT (Or 2-Step Order Element)

  • Install ORDER SUMMARY Add-On

  • Install CART MODE Add-On

  • Create and Configure CART MODE REQUIRED Add-on Script

  • Install Script to Footer Tracking Code Settings

  • Known Conflicts:  Add / Remove Products

Step 1:   Add Your Domain To CFProTools DOMAINS TAB

Your first step will be to add your domain to the CFPT Domains Tab.

Here's a guide on how to do that:

Step 2:  Ensure Cart Mode Is Installed (And Functioning)

Please click here for installation instructions for CART MODE:


For most add-on installations of the CART MODE REQUIRED script, you can simply click the CREATE NEW button:

Please note:  You can use this script over and over for other order pages without having to create a new and unique script.

... now do a keyword search for CART MODE REQUIRED

Once you have located the CART MODE REQUIRED script, click the thumbnail image and create the add-on per the installation instructions.

You will need to name your script.   We recommend a naming convention like this:

CMR (Test Funnel) or
Cart Mode Required (Book Funnel) It's best to name it with the name of the add-on AND in parentheses, make sure to name which funnel it belongs to so you can easily identify later.

Once you have completed this area, click the red button below to create your add-on script.

Step 4:  Install Your Add-on Script

You can now copy your newly generated script out by clicking the blue button where your script is located.

The button says, "COPY CODE", this will copy the script to your virtual clipboard.

You are now ready to paste the script into your FOOTER TRACKING CODE AREA.

Please navigate to your funnel step where you wish to use CART MODE REQUIRED.


Now click the FOOTER CODE TAB, and paste your code in:

Now SAVE your page, you are ready to preview and test your new add-on!

Known Conflicts:

The following add-ons do not work with CART MODE Required:

  • Add / Remove Products

What To Do Next:

Here Are A Few Other Help Docs You May Wish To Check Out: