Adding A Domain To CFProTools

The first step with all of our add-ons is to ensure you have added your live domain and cf sub-domain to your CF Pro Tools account.

Click on DOMAINS in the left hand column of your CF Pro Tools Dashboard.

Then click ADD NEW DOMAIN button:

When prompted, enter the domain names you are using and click CREATE DOMAIN.

This is a mandatory step and cannot be missed, you will need this domain in place for any live pages you plan on using our add-on scripts on, or your add-on will not function.

For additional reference on adding domains, please refer to this video:

What To Do Next:

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Chances are you already have a CF Pro Tools account and you can find all available resources, there:

However, if you have do not yet have a CF Pro Tools account, you will need one in order to take the actions in this help doc.   You can sign up at any time here:

If you have questions, you can also hit us up in support at