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Description and Best Use Case For This Add-On:

International Product Swapper is a great tool to minimize shipping add-ons and mitigate conflicts with other third party integrations or scripts that may be involved in your order page process.

Based on the country chosen on your order form, International Product Swapper will show a different set of products for DOMESTIC countries and a different set of products for INTERNATIONAL countries.

You set which countries are DOMESTIC and all other countries are considered INTERNATIONAL.

OVERVIEW (For Advanced Users)

For those of you ready to jump in and are familiar with CF Pro Tools, you can use this checklist:

  • Add Your Domain To CF Pro Tools DOMAINS TAB

  • Create An Order Page

  • Create Two Sets Of Products In Pairs (Domestic and International)

  • Create Your Add-on Script by Adding Product ID Pairs

  • Create Add-On Script

  • Copy Script / Install in Footer Tracking Area Of ORDER PAGE

  • No Known Conflicts

  • No CSS TITLES used on-page.

Step 1:   Add Your Domain

The first step with all of our add-ons is to ensure you have added your live domain and cf sub-domain to your CF Pro Tools account.

Click on DOMAINS in the left hand column:

Then click ADD NEW DOMAIN button:

When prompted, enter the domain names you are using and click CREATE DOMAIN.

This is a mandatory step and cannot be missed, you will need this domain in place for any live pages you plan on using our add-on scripts on, or your add-on will not function.

For additional reference on adding domains, please refer to this video:

Step 2:  Create An Order Page

Please refer to this help doc on creating and adding an order type page to your funnel:

You can also view this video for reference on creating an order type page:

Step 3:  Create Your Products

For this add-on, you will have to create two sets of products:

Set 1 will be the product(s) that will show up in the core list when a DOMESTIC COUNTRY is chosen.   

This can be more than one product.

Set 2 will be the product(s) that will show up in the core list when an INTERNATIONAL COUNTRY is chosen.   

This can also be more than one product.

Please create the products you want to sell based on ClickFunnels guidance for creating products:

Use this link for creating Subscription Based Products:

Step 4:  Install Order Summary Add-On

For most add-on installations of the ORDER SUMMARY script, you can simply click the CREATE NEW button:

... and do a keyword search for ORDER SUMMARY.

Once you have located the Order Summary Add-on script, click the thumbnail image and build the order summary configuration per the installation instructions.

In most cases, you can simply scroll down the page and click the button to CREATE ADDON

And it will create a script for you that you can copy and paste into your footer code area.

Please Note:   Order Summary Script should almost ALWAYS be at the top of your list of add-ons installed in your Footer Tracking Code Area.

Step 5:  Configure and Install Final Script

Make a memorable name for your add-on script so you remember which funnel it belongs to.

It's also a great idea to include the name of the add-on in the title.

So a naming convention like this might be good:    International Product Swapper (My First Funnel)

This way in the parentheses, if you have multiple versions of the same add-on, you can identify which funnel it belongs to, and if you need support, or need to reference the add-on, you know which add-on it is.

Next, Set a DOMESTIC Country (or multiple DOMESTIC countries).

All other countries will be considered INTERNATIONAL so when an international country is chosen from the country dropdown, the INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT you set in the next step will be the ones to show up as purchasable options for your buyer.

Next you will set your product groups.   So you each product you create for Domestic at a specific price point will have an international variant as well, most likely at a different price.

When loading groups of products, they will loaded as pairs using the product ID.

To add additional product pairs, click ADD A PRODUCT GROUP button.

Once you have finished the above steps, you can click the red button to CREATE ADDON.

A Script will now be generated for you.   You can click the blue COPY button to copy the script or you can highlight the script (all of the verbiage), and click CNTRL-C or APPLE-C to COPY the script onto your virtual clipboard.

You will now take this script and PASTE it into the FOOTER TRACKING CODE area of your ORDER page.

Congrats, You Can Now Test Your Add-On Installation By Clicking PREVIEW!

Known Conflicts:

No known conflicts at this time.

What To Do Next:

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If you have questions, you can also hit us up in support at