There are a number of reasons PayPal Plus may not function correctly right out of the gate, please use this checklist to ensure you are in adherence with these steps, and your PayPal Plus configuration should work every time!

1 — PayPal Products Setup Using Stripe Integration (Instead of PPv2)

2 — Input Fields Are Required, So PayPal Doesn’t Progress  (Use SCROLL TO ERROR)

3 — More Than One Order Form Element On The Page (You can only have one)

4 — More Than One Product Selector on-page (Only one product selector on page)

5 — Didn’t Add The Domain To CFProTools  (Ensure your LIVE page URL is whitelisted in CFProTools)

6 — Not Testing with the LIVE URL

7 — PPv2 Integration and PPP Config Not Both in PRODUCTION (Live) Mode

8 — Wrong Product ID’s Paired Up in PayPal Plus Configuration

9 — PayPal Does Not Support Fixed Price And Subscription Products

10 — The Mysterious Double Button In Mobile Only Mode — Remove CSS Forcing Buttons On-Page

11 — PayPal Does NOT Work with CART MODE

12 — PayPal Does Not Work with ADD/REMOVE PRODUCTS (when you have more than 1 Core Product)

13 — PayPal Plus OTO Issue:  Button Action Not Set To STRIPE PRODUCT VARIATION

14  — Does Not Have An Active ClickFunnels Account (Seriously, I saw this once)

15 --  Script Installed In HEADER when it should be in the FOOTER

16 — Use PayPal Plus on the ORDER page, and PayPal Plus OTO on the OTO pages

17 — Do Not Use the Checkbox Headline Element On-Page  (will break PayPal Plus)

18 -- PayPal Plus Does NOT work with Multiple Products when using NMI as a Merchant

If after checking to ensure you you have met each of these requirements and you are still having issues, please reach out to us in support for further assistance, thanks!