Setup 2 products you want to "force" together in ClickFunnels.  

One of your products should be a FIXED price and will act as your "paid trial"....

The second of your products should be the subscription or payment plan.

You will "force" them together using Grouped Products or Forced Products add-on.

With the Subscription product in ClickFunnels, you will want to create a trial period.

So the Fixed Price Product will be the "paid trial", and the subscription product will set how long that trial period actually is.

So in this example you may have a PAID TRIAL that is 30 days long and cost $1 - after the 30 days, the subscription kicks in for $47/month.

So you would have 1 Product, a fixed price product of $1.

And a Subscription Product for $47/month - and a 30 day Trial.

You would set the Subscription product up in Stripe (Live and Test Mode).

ClickFunnels has a help doc on how to do this:

Once you have the above process built, you will take your product ID's and add them to the configuration in CFProTools using the Forced Products or Grouped Products add-on.

CREATE the add-on - and subsequently COPY the new Add-on Script code.

Add the script to the FOOTER TRACKING area in your ClickFunnels page editor.

SAVE the page, and you should be good to TEST your page in a live environment.

Please Note:   This process will NOT work with PayPal as PayPal does not allow for Fixed Price Products and Subscription Products to occupy the same cart.

Depending on your setup, you MAY need to setup ORDER SUMMARY ADD-ON, and add in an optional price override for your SUBSCRIPTION product.

This will prevent the Order Form from showing that the full price of the subscription product will be charged up front.


You will want it to show that the SUBSCRIPTION product is FREE FOR 30 DAYS (or whatever the case may be).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the support desk at