When testing FB Total Track or Funnel Total Tracker for functionality, there are some best practices that should be utilized.

These two add-ons have a built in fail safe mechanism that DISALLOW the event pixel from firing TWICE from the same email address in the same funnel from the same device.

What does this mean for you?

This means a few things:

1 - If someone refreshes the page while ordering, double clicks, spams the buy button out of impatience, or in any other way figures out how to get themselves double charged, this add-on will NOT count any purchases past the first one and WILL NOT send the additional conversion values over to Facebook.

2 - As awesome as point #1 is, it also means that extra care needs to be taken during the TESTING PHASE while ensuring functionality.

Most often we see tickets at the help desk here stating that either of these two add-ons are NOT working, when in fact they are working okay.

What's really happening is that while testing, most folks tend to use the same email address on the same computer.

When you use the same email address on the same computer in the same funnel, the pixel WILL NOT continue to fire off additional times.

How To Overcome This Obstacle And Successfully TEST The FB Tracking Add-ons.

When testing these add-ons, you will need to follow these best practices:

-- Clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history EACH time you test

-- Use a UNIQUE email address EACH time you run a test purchase

-- If able, use a DIFFERENT device EACH time you run a test purchase.

These are my top tips for successfully testing FB Total Track and Funnel Total Tracker.

I hope they help you out and that you are able to fire your pixel event successfully with conversion values over to your Ads Manager.