You have to kind of trick the system into showing what you want by using the Price Override in the Product area and in thee Order Summary optional configuration.

So If you have your Domestic and International Shipping products setup and Your Main Product, you'd want to set them up so the shipping prices are $1 less than displayed, and that the book is a $1 more than displayed.

So you'll Set your products up like this:

BOOK:   $1

These are the prices that will ACTUALLY be charged.

But you want your price display override (in the product settings to read like this:

BOOK:  FREE!   (or whatever)
DOM SHIP:   $4.95

INTN SHIP:   $7.95

Okay one more place you need to work this out....

The optional price overrides in the ORDER SUMMARY ADDON:

Set the product ID for the Book, and set the price to 0.

And in the part where it asks you want to display for any products that show up as 0, you put something like:


This is a fancy workaround due to CF's inability to create free products - but it works.

On the final receipt, the customer will only see the total price paid, so they won't see the fancy footwork that went in behind the scenes.